Our In Patient Facilities


The Rehabilitation Centre

Our Location

We can be found on Marlow Drive, just to the West of Route 11.  The outer gates are kept locked for security reasons, please call in advance to inform of your arrival. Valet parking is available for you and your family

Our Building

Set back in nature, with plenty of open space to explore – our grounds are calm and tranquil, to aid in restoring peace of mind.

Our Bedrooms

6 Bedrooms available, all with lockable doors that only you and the medical staff can enter. Each decorated in a difference theme. All are en suite, with storage and changing facilities.

Relaxing Spaces

After a long day, sit down in front of the fire and think about all you have achieved

Relaxation Time

Want to let enjoy some snooker, sure, come on upstairs, listen to some music and challenge your friends and family

Feeling Hungry?

Our staff are happy to prepare food for you or have some brought in – whatever takes your interest

Exercise Time

We are happy to offer to our guests our year round heated pool, sit by the side and read a book or complete as many laps as you like.

Communal Dining

We encourage everyone to eat together, to discuss the day and unwind

Ready for Therapy

When the time comes to start your therapy, we have multiple offices (away from the main house) available to you, your confidentiality is protected at all times

Comfortable Rooms

Your Therapist will take the time to get to know you and help plan out your treatment, feel free to ask any questions you need

What happens when you Check in?

When you arrive, you will go through a check-in and registration process. This involves providing basic information such as your name and contact details. You may be asked to fill out some initial paperwork, which will include medical history, previous mental health treatment, and a consent form for treatment. This information helps us to understand your background and current situation.

We have security procedures in place to ensure the safety of all patients. You may be subject to routine safety checks, including bag searches and the removal of potentially harmful items

You will undergo an initial assessment or intake interview with a member of our team. This involves discussing the reasons for seeking help, your current symptoms, relevant personal history, and any specific goals you may have for treatment. We adhere to strict confidentiality standards. During your  visit, you will be provided with information about our confidentiality policies, and you will be asked to sign an agreement ensuring the privacy of your information.

You will then have a meeting with a Dr, They will discuss your concerns in more detail, assess your mental health, and work with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Based on the assessment, your Dr will discuss potential treatment options with you. This could include individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, or a combination of these. The goal is to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs. A personalized treatment plan will be created. This plan outlines therapeutic goals, interventions, medication management (if applicable), and the expected duration of your inpatient stay. You will be provided with a copy of your treatment plan and asked to sign your in patient contract – this covers your treatment, visitation requests and criteria for leaving the premises.

Our staff will provide you with an orientation to the rehabilitation facility, including information about the daily schedule, rules, safety measures, and the layout. You’ll be introduced to key staff members and shown important areas such as living quarters, therapy rooms, and common areas.

Throughout your inpatient stay, the treatment team will regularly review your progress. Adjustments to the treatment plan may be made based on your response to interventions and changes in your mental health status.